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Virgin Media are terrible (part 2)

This is the next installment of my ongoing battle with Virgin Media, who appear to outdo themselves at sheer incompetence at every possible opportunity. Second complaint letter:

Dear sirs,

Further to my original complaint of September 5th: The broadband service was finally installed on September 19th.

Since then I have been without a landline number. The engineer who came to install told me that the number port had not been requested and so he could not give my my number, as you had promised to do. He said he’d give me a temporary landline number, which he did. That number worked for maybe a day. After that we have had no working landline, either on the original number or on any other number.
Your engineer also said that someone would come to bury the cable he extended through my front garden. That has not happened either.

So as far as I am concerned you still have not fulfilled your contractual agreement to me, since I currently don’t have a landline number. I hope you are not proposing to start charging me for the service you haven’t fully installed. From previous experience of your automated systems, I suspect that in their magical parallel reality everything is fine and all they have to do now is to start collecting money.

Your complaints procedure says you will resolve complaints within 28 days of receiving them. Those 28 days have passed and I still don’t have either a fully installed service or any type of response to my complaint. Or any kind of contact from you at all, actually, apart from your boilerplate response to my initial letter.

I would like to escalate this to the next level of your complaints procedure, which vaguely states that a “manager” will call me. I am not holding my breath for that call, as I am yet to see any evidence of sentient life within your complaints system, but your procedure appears to insist that I wait another four weeks before going to independent adjudication.

So I will wait.